Midori receives Great Immigrant honor from Carnegie Corporation of New York

Midori has been honored as a Great Immigrant by Carnegie Corporation of New York on America’s Independence Day.
Every year since 2006, on the Fourth of July, Carnegie Corporation honors the legacy of its founder, Andrew Carnegie, by recognizing a group of extraordinary men and women – naturalized citizens of the United States – who have made notable contributions to the progress of American society by enriching its communities and culture, strengthening its economy and invigorating its democracy.
Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie rose out of poverty to become one of the greatest contributors to American industry and philanthropy. Carnegie believed that the infusion of talent that immigrants bring to America keeps its society vibrant, a view that is borne out by the accomplishments of the nearly 600 individuals honored through the initiative to date.
Midori was one of thirty eight Great Immigrants honored in 2019.
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