Midori offers online workshops during the Covid pandemic through her Orchestra Residencies Program (ORP)

During the month of October, Midori was busy giving masterclasses and workshops throughout the United States via Zoom. The sessions were offered to young musicians, their parents and teachers. So far, she has worked with groups in Connecticut, New York, Colorado, Minnesota, Washington, Indiana and New Mexico, with sessions continuing in November.

In addition to masterclasses on specific works, the other subjects of her workshops are:

  • How to Practice
  • Aural Heritage
  • How to Encourage and Support your Child to Practice Well, Encouraging Young People to Keep Music in their Lives Beyond High School
  • Life as Professional Musician: what steps to take and what to be prepared for if you want to make a living making music
  • Healing Through Music

For parents, teachers and administrators, she also offers a presentation on Advocacy and Community Engagement

These online activities are being offered at no charge to youth orchestras in good standing with the League of American Orchestras.

For more information about Midori’s ORP Covid-19 Support Program

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