Midori appears on the cover of the October 2020 Strad magazine

Midori is featured on the cover of the October 2020 issue of the Strad magazine.

In the magazine’s lead article, she speaks with Toby Deller about her preparation for the premiere of a concerto written for her by the German composer Detlev Glanert titled An die unsterbliche Geliebte (To the Immortal Beloved), inspired by Beethoven’s famous 1812 love letter and intended as a commemoration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

Midori also discusses her early curiosity about new music, her recitals focusing on works by contemporary female composers, her own education and her approach to teaching.

She speaks about her new recording of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto and the two Romances, which will be released in mid-October by Warner Classics.

In conclusion, Midori muses on the near future for artists and audiences and on the power of music to heal: “Music is something that can bring smiles back to people, it’s something that can help  people grieve, it’s something that can help people be consoled, or to dream.”