International Community Engagement Program 2023 – Laos

After a hiatus during the Covid pandemic, Midori’s International Community Engagement Program activities outside of Japan resumed in December 2023 with presentations and performances in Laos.

Midori was joined by violinist Ellinor D’Melon, violist Hiroki Kasai and cellist Alejandro Gomez-Pareja for a week of activities at schools, vocational centers, hospitals and cultural centers in Vientiane, Muang Xay and Luang Prabang.

The cultural exchange also saw members of the ICEP quartet engage in traditional dyeing and paper making, interviews with students, observance of an alms giving ceremony and a storytelling session.


A follow-up will take place in June 2024, when the quartet will reunite for performances and presentations at schools, hospitals and other facilities for a diverse population in Japan as well as public performances in which they will report on their community engagement activities in Laos.