January 2019

Dear Friends,
2018 was a year marked by transition. My move back to the East Coast, and to join the faculty at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, took place in early summer and, after almost 15 years in California, it turned out to be much more impacting than I had expected. The weather takes quite a bit of adjusting to and living in the Center City District of Philadelphia without a car presents its challenges and requires a different energy from living in Los Angeles. I am still getting used to the new set up and new rhythm, but am none-the-less enjoying the process of getting to know a new city.
Throughout last year, I enjoyed returning to cities, venues, and orchestras I knew to work with long-time colleagues as well as new ones. After 35+ years of touring, I am now comfortable almost everywhere, making new discoveries as well as rekindling old memories and relationships. In 2018, I also performed in several countries for the first time:  Paraguay, Estonia, Ukraine, and Ecuador.
A particularly meaningful trip last year was my visit with my USC students during our spring break to Sri Lanka, where we engaged ourselves in learning, teaching, giving-to-community, and performing inside and outside Colombo. The trip was our second out-of-LA venture, following a visit to Ensenada, Mexico, and its environs in 2017.
In the New Year, I look forward to a new project with pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet in which we perform “almost” all French repertoire. New projects always bring surprises, and with these surprises, joy.
I wish you all a new year filled with musical inspiration.