A Greeting from Midori

Dear Friends,

The Year 2021 is coming to close. About this time last year, I was hoping we would be able to put the pandemic and its atrocities behind us in the forthcoming months and be able to find a new “norm”. As we have discovered, it was not so simple.

The last twelve months have given me much time to reflect, contemplate, and question who we are as people. We have been given opportunities to consider the choices we make while facing the fact that we are not invincible.

Sometimes we both overestimate and underestimate others and ourselves. We can fail to be thankful for what we have been given, and even assail or destroy these “gifts”. Resilience and vulnerability co-exist.

In 2022 I commemorate the 40th anniversary of my debut, as well as milestone anniversaries for three of my organizations: Midori & Friends, MUSIC SHARING, and Partners in Performance. Through all the various related activities, I hope to demonstrate and share what I have learned.